The most intelligent connected thermostat
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The thermostat that gets ready while you are on you way back home

Ween warm up your home before you arrive, without wasting energy while you are away. For the first time, a thermostat detects the position of your smartphones outside the house.

Save up money every time you leave your home

Ween does much more than following a weekly program: Its exclusive technology allows it to handle occasional absences. The temperature is lowered while you are away and reheats your house on your way back home, and rises as you return. Save up money at any time.

Let Ween do the job

71%* of thermostats installed end up not being used. Ween will free you from this obligation and adjust your heating, whatever your program for the day is. (*Mobile Consumer Survey, Deloitte 2015)
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A “Plug & Play” Solution

Ween has been designed to simply replace your old thermostat.

It is easy to install, and compatible with all types of heating.

Instant intelligence

Because life is not a habit to be learned, Ween reactcs instantly to all motions.

For the first time, your thermostat will automatically regulate the temperature according to the position of your smartphone.

It’s twice as effective as a weekly program, and you will never have to adjust it.

An average saving of 25% (Ademe)

or 400 € a year for a house of 100 sq.m.

As soon as you leave your home, Ween detects your absence and instantly regulates the temperature, so you don’t waste money.

Ween monitors the position of your smartphone and raises the temperature before you come back. It’s always nice and warm when you get home, even if you arrive at an unusual time.

Not everybody in the house needs a smartphone. With its included presence sensor, ween will keep the children warm when their parents aren’t home. 

Data Protection Policy

Because your life is private, Ween has chosen to store no personal data in its servers.

It is the first cloudless system.

Be the first the know when
Ween is launched

 Delivery Fall 2016
With pre-order – 349€