Welcome to your Home Smart Home

Back from your holidays, or just after a late dinner, you find your home at the ideal temperature. Without heating needlessly, and even without programming. just keep your Smartphone with you: the temperature falls as soon as you leave home, and rises before you get back.

Ween, the autonomous connected thermostat

Ween is the 1st connected thermostat to operate autonomously, thanks to its real-time technology.
The temperature adjustment is ultra-precise, thanks to 3 key features. Your Ween…

  • …knows where you are
  • …learns how you live
  • …detects your presence

With Ween, your house gets ready for your arrival: a new experience to enjoy!

Knows where you are:
Lowers the temperature as you move away,
and raises it progressively as you return.

Learns how you live:
Self-instructing, the Ween autonomous thermostat learns the family’s habits and optimises the weekly heating plan.


Detects your presence:
So that everyone enjoys ultimate comfort, Ween detects the presence of those without Smartphones (children, for example).

Data protection: 
Ween is the first cloudless solution.
To protect your private life, your personal data is stocked in your Ween.

Ween in the newspaper La Provence

If you read the newspaper call La Provence, you could have seen our CEO Jean-Laurent Schaub appear in a section dedicated to the special affection of our new president towards to start-ups 🙂

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