Ween Thermostat

The thermostat who loves
your budget and the planet

Ween, the first smart assistant that heats your home how you like it - only when you need it while limiting your carbon footprint.

How it works?

Ween revolutionises programming your heating based your daily routine and location.
It detects when you leave and anticipates your return to adjust the temperature perfectly.
All without any input from you. Magic!
how it works
Take your smartphone. We’ll handle the rest

Optimum comfort - always

There’s nothing worse than coming back to a freezing home which is often the case with other thermostats. Our technology prevents that and ensures the temperature is just right for you from the moment you step through the door.

Real-time info

Check at any time to see live updates of what you’re saving and how Ween is working for you

Easy control - anywhere

Wherever you are (Himalayah’s lucky devil!) you can still control the temperature if you want to make any changes, access data or just simply change the settings.

Works with all energy types

Don’t you worry, Ween is designed to work with all heating systems. We prefer gas… and electricity and fuel and wood and heat pump and even peletts.

They have started the journey waste energy

Review of Rajiv


- February 2020

It’s a bit too early to see the energy savings we’ve made. But we love how easy the whole process has been from the installation to the access to data

Review of Bex


- January 2020

I was afraid it would be super complex, but I’m blown away that all I have to do is take my phone and everything else is done for me

Review of James


- January 2020

Just love it.

Start saving money and energy



  • The anti-waste assistant
  • Unlimited technical support
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  • The anti-waste assistant
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Home installation
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Discover the magic world of Ween

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How to install
your Ween?

Ween has been designed for an easy install. To assist you through the process, please follow the step-by-step installation guide.

If you prefer not to install yourself, select the Premium package and we will arrange your installation for you.

Join the Ween community by becoming a licensed installer

Ween is always looking for professionals who are experts in installing thermostats and who enjoy providing great service to their customers

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