The Ultimate Comfort Experience, with nothing to do…

…nor even think about it.
As the number of connected objects grows, so users are obliged to manage more and more applications.
So, to free users from these obligations, Ween invented the Real-Time experience: technology at your service… and not the opposite!

Welcome to your Home Smart Home

Back from your holidays, or just after a late dinner, you find your home at the ideal temperature. Without heating needlessly, and even without programming. just keep your Smartphone with you: the temperature falls as soon as you leave home, and rises before you get back.

Ween, the Real-Time Thermostat

With its Real-Time technology, Ween goes beyond weekly planning and the learning
of habits.
With Ween, your home gets ready for your return, every absence becomes a saving… and you have nothing to do!

Plug&Play Solution:
Very easy to install, Ween replaces your old thermostat quite simply.

All-energy compatibility: 
Ween is compatible with all types of heating (electric, gas, heat pump, pellet stoves, underfloor heating, etc.)

Data protection: 
Ween is the first cloudless solution.
To protect your private life, your personal data is stocked in your Ween.


25% savings a year: 
$400 saved every year for a house of 1000 sq.ft.

Une Ween pour Noël !

Qui n’a jamais été en panne d’inspiration à l’approche de Noël ? Si vous cherchez un cadeau utile et dans l’ère du temps, plus d’hésitation ! Notre Ween sera le cadeau idéal au pied du sapin 🙂

  • Toute la #TeamWeen vous souhaite un bon Ween-End ! 🙂 3 months ago
  • Hop, une #Ween de plus installée 🙂 Merci à Patrice pour ses photos et weencome at home ! 3 months ago