What if connected objects offered you a new vision of comfort, where no effort was required?

It was to bring you this new experience of comfort and of the Real-Time Home that we at Ween imagined our first heating-dedicated application.
Ween allows you to experience a home that has prepared your arrival. For the first time, it is your home that takes care of your well-being.

Ween, prizewinner at CES Las Vegas, transforms your house into a Home Smart Home.

The story: Read all about it!

2014: when everything began

2014 marks the beginning of the WEEN adventure with the founding of the company, and the filing of the patent protecting WEEN’s 19 technological innovations, which make possible a completely new experience: for the first time, the temperature varies according to how far you are away from home, and the device, which works with all types of heating, learns your weekly habits.

2014 is also the year when Nathanaël Munier and Jean-Laurent Schaub, the two co-founders of Ween, decide to launch a campaign on KissKissBankBank, the top French crowdfunding platform. The test is a great success: WEEN becomes the site’s biggest campaign for a connected object.

2015: an innovation award and a clip

WEEN receives an Innovation Award on its first appearance at CES in Las Vegas, placing it in the world’s 30 most innovative startups.
The effects are dramatic: $2M raised in funds, an invitation from the Sony Music Label to appear in the clip « Je te pardonne » by Maître Gims ft Sia, and dozens of interviews given on the subject of connected comfort.

The general public are convinced, as are professionals such as as the major DIY chainstore Leroy Merlin, which awards WEEN the 2016 Innovation Prize.

2016: Launch year!

October 2016, hundreds of pre-orders for the Ween intelligent thermostat, placed on www.ween.fr are delivered before the official launch.

Ween  is currently commercialized in France and appears on the shelves of the major High Tech and DIY stores.
To ensure the launch, the total number in the team was increased to fifteen (Head Office Aix-en-Provence & Paris office).

The WEEN Pioneers

The salesman and the technician:
Jean-Laurent Schaub and Nathanaël Munier, Ween’s terrible twins: learn all about them below!

  • Jean-Laurent Schaub
    Jean-Laurent Schaub CEO & Co-fondateur
  • Nathanael Munier
    Nathanael Munier CTO & Co-fondateur