• Ween lowers the temperature by 1° each time you leave home: there is no effect on perceived temperature, but the ideal temperature is easily reached again, and the saving made is real.
  • Ween learns the speed at which your house warms up, and gradually raises the temperature as you approach your home; you have nothing to do.
  • Ween learns the family’s habits,  including those who have no Smartphone, thanks to its presence detector: your home offers a warm welcome to the whole family.

The Ween pack:

The App

Informs the Ween of your return and
monitors your energy consumption.
Available on Google Play and App Store.
Discover the Tuto ‘How to install your Ween app?’

The Ween

Optimizes the temperature of your home according to your habits and where you are.

The relay

Connects the Ween to any kind of heating: electric, gas oil, heat pump, pellet stoves, underfloor heating, etc.

NB: Ween operates only with Smartphones. (tablets and computers are not configured to operate with Ween).
Compatible with IoS (Iphone 5 or later), and Android (version 4 minimum). 

« 71%* of thermostat owners end up not using them. »
(*Deloitte 2015 « Mobile Consumer Survey »)

That is why Ween is made for you



  • Savings whenever you are away:
    The temperature drops as soon as you leave.
  • The right temperature every time you arrive:
    Your home warms up before you get back.
  • Adjustment to habits:
    Ween learns the habits of the whole family, even children who have no Smartphone.
  • Remotely controllable:
    To take control of your heating at home whenever you wish; from work, the restaurant, or wherever!
  • Takes the weather into account:
    Ween adapts the heating time to the weather conditions outside. It is always nice and warm when you get home: absolute comfort!
  • Data protection:
    Your data are stocked in your Ween, to guarantee the best protection possible.


The Ween + its Relay

The Ween
  • Processor: ARM-Cortex A8
  • Internet access via ADSL & b/g/n Wifi
  • Precision: +/-0,3°C
  • Humidity measurement: +/- 2%RH [20-80%]
  • Power source: 240VAC/5VDC adaptor
Its Relay
  • Link to heating: NO/NC dry contact – 240VAC/5A, Pilot wire
  • Regulation: hot/cold
  • Ween / actuator radio link: 6LoWPAN
  • Power source: 2 x 1,5V AA batteries