Ween is designed to simply replace your old thermostat.
Easy to install, Ween is compatible with all types of heating: gas, electric, wood, pellet stoves, oil.
If you need any assistance for the installation of your Ween, please contact us at: +33 484 492 264

How to install your Ween?

It is very easy : you don’t need any specific skills!

If you need a little help, you can consult the Ween Installation Instructions (by clicking on the link),
and the tutorials below, which explain every single steps of the installation.

[TUTO] How to install and use your Ween App? 

[TUTO] How to install your Ween? – Gas

If you  prefer to have the help of a professional, no problem: call us on +33 (0) 4 84 49 22 64, or contact us at hello@ween.fr, and we will put you in touch with an installer near you.

How to install your Ween?


Is Ween compatible with my current heating system?

Ween is compatible with virtually all centrally controlled heating systems. This covers gas boilers, oil, electric, heat pumps, some pellet stoves and also electric convector installations whose pilot wires have been centralized (mandatory for new buildings since 2008). Once you have a thermostat with “dry contact” output, the Ween is compatible. A “dry contact” control means that heating request is done by turning on/off a switch.

Will it work with convection heaters ?

Convection heaters must be connected to the Ween actuator by a “pilot wire”. In France, the centralisation of pilot wires has been compulsory in new electrical heating installations since 2008. If this is not the case, ask your electrician for advice.

Is Ween compatible with my old boiler ?

Contrary to common belief, these appliances are often the easiest to control. Almost all are fitted with a terminal block for control with a “dry contact” thermostat. If your are in doubt, take advantage of the annual inspection to ask your technician for advice.

How does the Ween system connect to my existing thermostat ?

It doesn’t connect, it replaces it. Ween comes with it’s own communicating thermostat which replaces your old thermostat.

How does Ween handle children, or other people without Smartphones ?

Everybody in the house doesn’t need a smartphone. An integrated presence detector means that Ween will keep the children warm while their parents are away.

Can several smartphones be connected to Ween ?

Up to 16 smartphones can be connected to the Ween. In the same way, the same smartphone can be connected to 16 Weens.

I don’t have a thermostat !

An existing thermostat is not necessary, Ween is compatible with all types of boiler, heat pump, and pellet stoves controlled by “dry contact”. A “dry contact” control means that the system is activated by a switch, as opposed to “bus” systems. (rar in France).

If you have electric heaters with centralised pilot wires, your system is compatible with Ween. Otherwise consult your electrician.

What happens if there is a power cut ?

Without electric current, no thermostatically-controlled heating system will work. On the other hand, Ween is fitted with a battery which allows it to remain active for many hours if there is a power cut, so it is ready to react as soon as the current comes back on and the boiler is operational.

What about data security ?

Only your telephone will know where you are (as long as you have it with you!). It will calculate the time you should take to get home, and transmit this information to the Ween. The information is encrypted, and never includes your position. It is the Ween which processes internally all the data coming from outside the house, to establish the heating programme.

My telephone is in flight mode !

Whenever Ween loses its geolocation information, it falls back on your programme of regular absences

Not sure of your compatibility?
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